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Catching a Bus Catching a Bus

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This was a fantastic little short! The frame by frame work was very well done and I liked the angles that you showed off, especially with exiting the bed. It was a nice and simple animation, even though it lacked a background. I liked the take on it and would have enjoyed to see more of a background, but I know that frame by frame is a pain in the ass. It never hurts to go the extra mile though ;) As for the sounds, I wish there was some sound too! WIth the combination of those two things you would have an even better piece of animation. Maybe this could develop into a story of some kind? Either way, I really enjoyed this and would like to see more come from you into the portal! Awesome job

Not a Genie Not a Genie

Rated 4 / 5 stars

The animation was abasolutely great! Your drawings were spot on and it was a simple and well constructed short. I really enjoyed the smoke effects and the way you did the reflection. The frame by fram action of it to was a plus. It looks like this took some serious time to draw out! I would have liked to hear more sounds then just a simple scream at the end, but the fact you had a little bit of sound was nice. I would try adding some keyframes during the running scene because it seemed to go a little fast and maybe some in betweens during the spike and action scene too! I really enjoyed this for it's art style and the level of small detail. Great job dude, hope to see more from you!

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Test 01 Test 01

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Holy shit! THis was great! The characters were well designed, and the story that unfolded was super well done. The art of the whole thing was pretty good, but I would have liked to see you put a little more depth into them and this includes the animation. I know that this was just a test, but there is some serious potential in this project if you fleshed out the animation and characters more. What I mean when I say this is that some of the animation it was hard to tell what was going on, so maybe add another shade of red and a couple more keyframes in between so it doesn't go by so fast. With that said, this movie was a lot of fun to watch and you executed the action very well! I enjoyed this little toon quite a bit and hope to see more from you soon in the portal.

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SuperLME responds:

Thank you, man

Recent Game Reviews

Velocity Wings Velocity Wings

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This was awesome! I really enjoyed this game. I was getting tired of seeing Flappy Bird clones in the game portal, but this one was REALLY well done. It was a nice spin on it and was way more fluent than the others. I really like how there was a mix of land and flying, making the game that much more intense. I don't know much about the programming aspects of it, but what you have here is excellent. It was so simple and addicting, in fact I thought it was even more addicting that the regular flappy bird because this had more elements involved. Great game! I hope more can learn from this and build on what you have already.

P.S. the soundtrack you chose was killer!

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Castle Survive Castle Survive

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow! This game was a lot of fun. I usually don't have a high attention span for games, but this really captivated me. The control scheme was great and I liked the simplicity of it. I enjoyed the weapon selection you had and I very much liked the sound effects. The over-world soundtrack in the background fit this game perfectly. There were some minor things in the game that I had issues with. To start off with the pistol was great, but I didn't like that you could hold down the mouse button and it would fire automatically. I feel like it would make it more difficult and realistic if you had to click each time you fired the pistol. Another thing is that enemies seemed to get stuck on each other when they would mob through the doorways making it easy to kill them with a grenade, or what have you. Another thing I noticed was the "shell" was spelled wronged in the game and instead called "sheel". This game was great otherwise and it was a lot of fun to play! I very much liked the style of it and it was a lot of fun to explore this castle!

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Recent Audio Reviews

Market ( HE ) Market ( HE )

Rated 5 / 5 stars

God damn you're remixes are wonderful. I have enjoyed all of them! I just had to review this one because of the hashtag drugs. I laughed so hard, because before I even saw that it's exactly what was running through my mind. On a serious note though, you've done an excellent job. I'm musically retarded so I must ask, how is this a reboot? I'm guessing a rehash with all kinds of instruments. It sounds incredible though! Magnificent job.

The Look Of It Bitch! The Look Of It Bitch!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is fucking awesome. The beat is great and the rhymes are dope. I don't usually review music, but this shit is tight dude. Fantastic job

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Recent Art Reviews


Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is fantastic! THe line work is really impressive and the proportions are god damned near perfect!! I really like the colors too, because they clearly stick with the Madness overtone. The angle in which you captured this is really mind bending as well. I don't know what else to say, because this is a really well done piece of art. Awesome job!

Us Us

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This is pretty awesome stuff. This piece is good, but it's not as good as your other piece The Becoming (Part 1). Although this one has more characters, there is one thing about it that throws my eye off and that's the knife the boy on the right is holding. Although it looks like he's holding the knife, it also looks like he's holding the ghost's tail. Maybe this is done on purpose, but it just seems a bit odd. As for the the piece as a whole it's wonderful. The colors are brilliant and blend extremely well together and I like how you keep choosing to go with the clown make up. It's a nice touch! My favorite part about this piece is the girl's heart on top of her head. I get the message that she's thinking with her heart instead of her mind, which can only lead to disaster. As for the net around her her head I'm unsure of it. Though it adds to the fact that this lady has been "captured" I feel like it kind of takes away from this kick ass piece. Just above that however on the head board of the bed, the (decoration?) is fucking awesome. I can't tell if they're lights wrapped around the head board, but either way they look really well done and offer insight to your ability with water color. Last, but not least the feet and the boy's ghost/monster (seeping out of a gash on his forehead?) This part is awesome. I very much like the eyes on the monster just as much as I enjoy the feet on the female. Feet are tricky to draw, but it looks like you got the toes down really well! Although I question the big toe on the lighter (pink) foot. It doesn't look quite big enough! And one final note, those eyes in the shadow monster look great (once again) because it has two pupils meaning that there is more to this monster than what meet the viewers eye. This is a very well done piece and I love the style you've taken on. Keep doing what you're doing because it's fucking awesome.

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BannBann responds:

Thank you, I enjoy your interpretation. And thanks for the critic as well! And how you call my work awesome! Thanks!
(I thought the lights wrapped around the head board of the bed looked pretty crappy, but I'm glad you like them.)
The knife and the boys hand holding the tail of the ghost/monster is done on purpose.
The knife represents how he protects himself emotionally and from letting anyone get too close. It has also been used to cut open his head to let out these disconnected parts of himself (the monster) so that they can handle the (emotional) situations he doesn't want to have anything to do with. On the same time he's trying to hold these parts back because they also tend to drag him into these situations. Like with the girl. She wants him, he doesnt want her, but he lets out these other parts of himself for her every once in a while. Maybe just to shut her up. I dont really know why. He did stop after a while though.
And the girl is all wrapped up in her own head and feelings and doesnt even really mind the monster tugging at her feet or how bizarre the whole situation is. She is not even turned towards the boy. All she ever sees is her own heart.

The Becoming (Part 1) The Becoming (Part 1)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awesome! This piece is really good! I just watched the Speed Art video to see the process that went into it, and I gotta say it was wicked cool to watch it be made. It looks incredibly good, especially the face. There's a great emotional depth to it that's extremely captivating. The background also adds a great to this picture to because of it's solid black. The contrast between the skin and sky is perfect! It gives this picture an edge. I also really appreciate the amount of stars in the background, along with the small detailing of the stars. My favorite part of this piece though and what draws me to it is the hair. It looks great and you chose an awesome blend of colors . They're all so warm and give life to the hair. It's brilliant. Something my eye catches though, is right beneath the hair, on the right side. The shoulder seems a bit shorter than the other one. Not that it takes away from the piece in the slightest, but it's a small thing that I thought could have used some improvement. Overall, this is a fucking awesome piece of artwork you have and from the looks of it, a brutally cool style you've developed. KICK ASS JOB